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It’s time to reform Oregon’s weak logging practices!

For too long, Oregonians have tolerated shameful logging practices in our forests:  clearcuts that are too big and too close together; stream habitat made too hot and muddy for fish; logging-induced landslides; water supplies rendered too dirty for communities to drink without expensive treatment; and people poisoned by aerial spraying of dangerous chemicals.

Logging corporations have undue  influence on the regulatory process in Oregon, leaving state agencies incapable of enacting the science-based policy changes required to protect human safety and the public’s natural resources.

Something has to change.

Click here to add your name to the the petition to Governor Brown insisting on important reforms. 

Toolkit for Taking Action

There are numerous ways citizens can be involved in speaking up about the impact Oregon’s weak and inadequate laws around spraying herbicides, buffering streams from logging, and other forestry practices have on their quality of life. Here are tools for a few:

  • Pesticide Exposure Incident Report Form
    Beyond Toxics is compiling information about aerial spray exposure so we can document the extent and types of problems faced by Oregonians around the state. Note: this is for our information only and does not constitute an official report to authorities.

Find Events and Other Ways to Get Involved